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Autographed Books & Programs

2013 Fanfest Full-Color Souvenir Program!

Mid-Atlantic Memories!The full-color, 20-page souvenir Autographed Collector's Edition program from our 2013 Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest Weekend is now available.

The souvenir program is designed specifically for collecting autographs of our featured guests. Each individual or tag team guest has a half-page color photo along with space for autographs.

We have a limited number of Autographed Collector's Edition 2013 souvenir programs that have been hand-signed by 39 of the wrestling legends pictured in the program!

Autographed by Bob Caudle, The Assassin, Tiger Conway Jr., Johnny Powers, Mr. Wrestling II, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Jerry Brisco, Manny Fernandez, Scrappy McGowan, Danny Miller, Tommy Young, Charlie Fulton, Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton, Tommy Amgel, Denny Brown, James J. Dillon, Susan Green, Moondog Rex, Bill Mulkey, Randy Mulkey, Ken Patera, Dennis Condrey, Jim Cornette, Bobby Eaton, Jerry Jarrett, Don Kernodle, Rocky Kernodle, Ivan Koloff, Rich Landrum, Angelo Mosca, Baron Von Raschke, Lars Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Leilani Kai, Magnum T.A., Tom Prichard and Les Thatcher!

Autographed Collector's Edition: $80.00 $40.00

Price Includes Free Shipping Within The Continiental U.S.

"Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Memories!" Book
By Mike Mooneyham

Mid-Atlantic Memories!Mike Mooneyham, a columnist with the Charleston, S.C. Post and Courier since 1979, sat down with 30 professional wrestling legends (all of whom, except Ole Anderson, were at the 2013 fanfest,) and compiled this remarkable series of articles about their careers. Profiles include behind-the-scenes stories told by each of the superstars and more than 150 rare photographs to illustrate them.

Each of the legends tells how they got into pro wrestling and how they eventually found their way to the Charlotte territory, which, in the era of the territories, was considered by the wrestlers to be "the place to wrestle" and "the Mecca of pro wrestling" by the wrestling fans.

Just a few of the topics included -- the story behind the Magnum T.A.-Tully Blanchard feud; Dusty Rhodes’ jealousy of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express; why Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express gave their notice to booker George Scott; how Gene, Lars and Ole Anderson got together to form the Minnesota Wrecking Crew; fans cutting the top off the Assassin’s Olds convertible and threatening to lynch them in a small, southern town; Johnny Powers going against the established promoters with his own promotion; and much, much more.

This book will both entertain and educate the reader on the lives of the stars, the inner workings of the pro wrestling business, and the history of the territory known as the Mid-Atlantic ... and told by those who experienced it.

We have a limited number of Autographed Collector's Edition books that have been hand-signed by 29 of the wrestling legends pictured in the book, as well as by the author!

Autographed by Mike Mooneyham, Angelo Mosca, The Assassin, Baron Von Raschke, Barry Windham, Bob Caudle, Danny Miller, Denny Brown, Ivan Koloff, James J. Dillon, Jerry Brisco, Johnny Powers, Ken Patera, Kendall Windham, Lars Anderson, Leilani Kai, Les Thatcher, Magnum T.A., Manny Fernandez, Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, Jim Cornette, Mr. Wrestling II, Randy Colley (Moondog Rex,) Rich Landrum, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Tiger Conway Jr, Tommy Young and Tully Blanchard!

Autographed Collector's Edition, shipped within the U.S.: $100.00 $50.00

Autographed Collector's Edition, shipped to Canada: $117.00 $67.00

Price Includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping

If you'd like to purchase an unsigned copy of Mike Mooneyham's "Mid-Atlantic Memories" book, please visit our friends at Crowbar Press. For a limited time, you can purchase the unsigned book for just $19.95.

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